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Sunday, September 7, 2014

22 Days of Teachers at the PCA Retreat- Meet Sarajane Helm - make a ball jointed polymer clay doll with Sarajane!

Sarajane Helm began making dolls and dressing them when she was a very young girl…the skills learned in drawing and sewing for dolls translated into a love of character and costume. She studied theater arts at Barat College of the Sacred Heart and theatrical design at Ohio State University. She recently graduated summa cum laude from Front Range Community College with a degree in Media Graphic Design (print/web) Since 1978, she has designed and sold dolls and wearable art in many forms, utilizing her skills with fabric and fibers, polymer clay, paper and multimedia works. She designs rubber stamps and textile prints, dyes and hand embellishes fabrics, draws paper doll art, coloring books. Sarajane also designs web sites and publishes books for herself and for other artists through her company PolyMarket Press.

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