Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The coolest feather molds for polymer clay and new Polymer Clay TV video demo

Ilysa demos the coolest feather molds ever! These molds are perfect for using with polymer clay, you can stamp, mold and texture both sides of the clay too. Ilysa also shows an easy way to create a barrette using leaf and butterfly cutters. Don't miss the big announcement you have been waiting for! All the molds and cutters are available in the shop.
You can find the feather mold HERE


Monday, August 25, 2014

Huge Announcement the first ever polymer clay and mixed media virtual retreat

We have been telling you about a big announcement coming up and its here! We have created the first ever all inclusive polymer clay and mixed media virtual retreat, Polymer Clay Adventure. There are 22 teachers in this year long creative exploration and lots of activities and events. It is going to be a blast! You can go at your own pace, meet kindred spirits and learn all kinds of new techniques and projects. Come join the adventure!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Save Custom Color Mix Recipes with polymer clay

Ever wonder how to figure out how you made a really great color by mixing polymer clay together? Want to save those awesome color blends? Here is a quick and easy way to make sure you always remember how you made a color!

How to make distressed earrings using polymer clay and molds

Want to learn just how fun and simple it can be to create a complex looking pair of earrings? Check out today's free polymer clay tutorial! Kira used our brand new mold n' stamp tool to create this pretty floral design, and a few other supplies. Join us each week for new tutorials, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel!

Learn How to Make a Polymer Clay Checkerboard and Cane the Easy Way

Learn how to create an easy checkerboard and checkerboard cane in this Polymer Clay TV tutorial using our square clay cutters. It is so easy to do! Get the clay cutters in the shop.

Polymer Clay Oval Cutters make Unique Flowers on Polymer Clay TV Tutorial

Want to learn how to make some easy flowers with lots of depth? Join Ilysa on Polymer Clay TV where she will show you how to take oval clay cutters and turn them into unique flowers with lots of texture and interest.

How to make a cute flower plant poker from polymer clay

In today's free tutorial learn how to use polymer clay, floral cutters, stamps and more to make really cute plant decorations. Make flowers that will never fade and stick them in your houseplants! Join us, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

How to make a Bronze Slider Polymer Clay Necklace

Learn how to make a gorgeous necklace today using a few simple tools! Plunger cutters are awesome because you can cut out perfect shapes, and these cutters impress a design on the polymer clay too, before you cut them out! So it's a stamp and a cutter all in one!

How to Make Polymer Clay Textured Flower Beads Plus Earrings and More

Polymer clay textured beads and jewelry are easy and fun to make. Join Ilysa as she shows how to make polymer clay beads, earrings and a ring too! You will love this cool technique and won't believe just how easy it is.

How to make Polymer Clay Dangle Earrings with Mini Shape Cutters

It's so fun, quick and easy to make earrings to match any outfit using our new mini shape cutters. They have a full-shape plunger to make it incredibly simple to punch out shapes and have them stay the shape you want them to be!

Polymer Clay Tutorial Creating A Photo or Card Holder Great for Weddings and Parties

Polymer clay tutorial. how to make a fun photo or card holder. This polymer clay project is a great way to use your scrap clay and make something pretty with it. You can make the photo or card holder in any shape, color or size. Use our brand new mini cutters to embellish your designs.Embellish with powdered pigments, ink and stamps for a unique look. ** Don't forget our print and ebooks that are available on our website on Amazon, Android and the Nook.

How to make a Lotus flower earring and necklace focal beads

In this fun free tutorial, Kira will show you how to use some simple tools including really awesome plunger clay cutters to create focal beads for making jewelry sets. Discover the infinite ways you can combine colors and the chain and necklace parts to create so many different looks from the same easy technique!

Polymer Clay Tutorial Learn how to make a fun flaming heart picture frame

Polymer clay tutorial, learn how to make this fun flaming heart picture frame on Polymer Clay TV. Follow along step by step as Ilysa shows you how to make a cool picture frame. These make great Fathers day Gifts!

How to make a Lotus Flower Floating Candleholder from Polymer Clay

Learn just how easy it is to create this pretty decor item using polymer clay and only a few simple tools! Souffle polymer clay Clay was added for color and a "secret ingredient" was used to make the whole thing float. Use a couple of our fancy clay cutters to create a floral look, and voila! Sparkling decor for your pool or patio this summer.

Polymer Clay TV Learn How to Make These Beautiful Polymer Clay Kaleidoscope Designs

Learn how to make these beautiful polymer clay kaleidoscope designs. Make them into pendants for your jewelry or use them to embellish your home decor and mixed media projects. Cutters are available in our shop at the above link.

How to Make a pretty bird plaque tutorial using silkscreen polymer clay and cutters

In this polymer clay tutorial video, Kira shows you how to use some exciting and easy products to make a beautiful piece of artwork that only takes a few minutes but looks like it took much more! Silkscreening polymer clay, cutters in fantastical shapes, adhesives and more are featured.

Polymer Clay Tutorial New Sculpey Product Demonstration

In this episode of Polymer Clay TV we show how to create beautiful silkscreen designs on your polymer clay that you can create jewelry, home decor and more with! We demonstrate the new Sculpey clay called Souffle. **Find out how you can win a multi pack of the new Souffle clay.**

How to use new Souffle polymer clay with clay cutters

Check out a quick demo of Sculpey's new Souffle- a soft, suede like clay with easy conditioning properties. Watch Kira demo the fancy and flower cutters from Polymer Clay TV's shop, and she will show you a light switch cover and cuff bracelet made with the same techniques!

How to use polymer clay Fancy Edge Cutters on Polymer Clay TV

Check out our brand new fancy edge and border polymer clay cutters. You can even put them together to create strips for bracelets, and some of them will make flowers if you cut on both sides of your strip of clay with the same cutter! Imagine the possibilities.

Polymer Clay TV Tutorial Filigree Flower Earrings

Polymer clay tutorial on how to make filigree and polymer clay bezel earrings. Follow along as Ilysa shows you some tips on how to get the same size pieces of clay for both earrings.

How to create a brass bezel pendant earring with polymer clay and dangles

Watch this week as Kira creates a simple and easy but oh so gorgeous boho bezel earrings using only a few supplies! Premo Accents, pearls and headpins and a pretty stamp are all you need. And you can get the earrings right on our website in the Kits section, where we prepared a great kit of high quality bezels we are using this month. More free tutorials to come, so make sure you are subscribed to our channel!

How to make an image transfer polymer clay bezel pendant

This week we'll show you how to make a polymer clay piece fit in a bezel blank, how to patina the metal, and how to make an image transfer!

Polymer Clay TV Tutorial Filigree Bezel Bracelet

Polymer clay filigree bracelet tutorial. This video is a replacement for last weeks live streaming video that came out blurry. We wanted you to be able to follow along and create the bracelet so we re filmed it for you. Enjoy!

Let's Get Podly! A Reason to Friesen Create Along Crafty Challenge with Polymer Clay Adventure

How to make funky polymer clay pods for necklaces and ornaments. Come join in the fun, there are prizes to win and friends to make at our community site where you can see all the challenge tutorials. Sponsored by Christi, led by Kira and Ilysa... tag your photos, create along with us, and win fun prizes!

How to make a bezel filigree bracelet with polymer clay

We have re filmed this video as the live stream that day came in blurry. Here is a link to the new video. Today Ilysa made a cool bracelet using our new filigree kit. We've selected some really interesting and high quality filigree blanks with bezels that are just right for your polymer clay crafting. Free tutorial on how to make a pretty bracelet easily using clay, bezel bracelet and Swarovski crystals,

How to Create Tiny Polymer clay flowers for jewelry and mixed media art

Watch as Ilysa demonstrates how easy it is to make little polymer clay flowers using Kemper cutters. These even have designs on them from using Magic Transfer Paper to create images.

Polymer Clay TV Mixed Media Bird Canvas

Follow along as Ilysa shares how she made this fun flying resin bird canvas. Add some polymer clay transfers, resin and wood embellishments and some rubber stamp designs and make it your own. Send magnets to Ilysa at P O Box 292 Bell, FL 32619

How to use Resin Adornments Embellishments to make polymer clay projects

Announcing Resin Adornments from! We've taken our unique sculpts and transformed them into beautiful embellishments for your polymer clay and mixed media art. Check out today's easy project, where Kira will show you how to paint and color and create a polymer clay background to make a fun magnet or ornament.

Come see a sneak peak of what's on our desks at Polymer Clay TV

Kira just moved to Maryland and her studio isn't up and running for filming just yet. So come inside and check out some news and photos of what we've been working on!

In the Messy Studio with Ilysa

I've been organizing and organizing and I'm still not done, I am however making some progress. My stamps, molds,polymer clay, mixed media supplies, glass pieces, beads and metal stampings are organized but I'm working on jewelry components and findings and misc stuff.

Polymer Clay Tutorial Create Curved Bracelet Links with polymer clay and image transfer

Today's video features a fun technique to use if you want curved links for a bracelet. We used our Digital download image for the interior design on the links, and a rubber stamp for the edge. This technique is great if you want to make big bracelet links, so that they actually fit the wrist.

How to Create an Art Journal cover using Polymer clay, molds, and image transfers

Check out the video where Ilysa shows you how fun it is to create dimensional embellishments using polymer clay. This is intended for a journal cover, but you could also create a piece of wall art using the same techniques!

Road Kill earrings Tutorial- the Reason to Friesen Creative Challenge!

Join the Christi Friesen create along at CraftyLink, where we go through the book Flourish and create along with Christi! This month, it's the Road Kill leaf. Have fun making these earrings!

How to transfer old dictionary words onto polymer clay

This is a step-out from Kira's free tutorial located on the CreateMixedMedia blog! Go read it to see how to make the whole necklace. We thought you might like to see just how easy it was to put the image transfer in the center of the bead :)

12 Questions with Christi Friesen full interview

Join Kira as she talks with Christi about her art career, creativity, and the Reason to Friesen Create Along Creative Challenge at!

12 Questions with Cynthia Tinapple from Polymer Clay Daily

Come listing to an interesting interview with the Author of Polymer Clay: Global Perspectives, and the popular blog, Cynthia Tinapple.

How to make a polymer clay Winged Heart art jewelry necklace using image transfer and mold

Watch as Ilysa demonstrates the Magic Transfer Paper technique to create this iconic winged heart necklace you can wear or give as a beautiful gift!

How to Image transfer onto polymer clay and papier mache heart for Valentine

Polymer Clay and mixed media tutorial. We've got a new image transfer kit for you this month, with pretty lovey designs and featuring a detail from a William Waterhouse painting. Show your love with a beautiful quote about love, and use the digital download in so many ways! We used Magic Transfer Paper on polymer clay and a paper mache heart shaped wall plaque to make a beautiful giftable piece of art.

Create a Winged Venus Fairy plaque in this free polymer clay tutorial PCTV198

*Please note we had some technical difficulties with this video you can see what Kira is demoing around the 5 minute mark, sorry for the issues.* We used the digital download image transfer sheet available at PolymerClayTV to create the parts of this plaque using magic transfer paper,polymer clay, paint, and some crafty fun! The background is printed with a gelli plate, the quote was printed on regular paper, and the venus fairy with wings was created on white and gold using the transferred image.

Cover a tin using ink, gesso, polymer clay and an image transfer with Magic Transfer Paper

Watch as Ilysa demonstrates how to use gesso to cover a tin properly, pigment ink instead of paint to add color, and of course, add a polymer clay lid! The downloadable image can be found on our website, and also in our digital app as bonus content! Visit today! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and you'll never miss a thing.

Mini-Caning Tutorial for A Reason to Friesen Christi Friesen Inspired Create-Along at CraftyLink

Come create with us! Kira shows you how to create a small quick cane inspired by one of Christi's techniques from her book Flourish- it's all about using polymer clay and mixed-media techniques to create fun, organic floral and leafy designs in your artwork. This is month 3, topic 3, and if you'd like to create along with us and be eligible to win prizes, come on over and upload your photos of what you make with this tutorial!

How to make an image transfer pendant from polymer clay

Watch as Ilysa makes a beautiful pendant in 5 minutes flat using a digital download available at (or free if you have our phone app!) Part of our new tutorial series that comes out on Wednesdays. Next week- making wall art and a fun decorative box!

In the Studio with Ilysa Polymer Clay & Mixed Media Art

My studio is finally complete, it took 6 months to build and I couldn't be more happy with it. I have even had a New Years get together in there and there was loads of room for everyone. It was a lot of fun. I will be sharing things I'm working on, new products I find, my hauls and lots of other random stuff that goes on in my life and studio. I hope you will join me! Make sure to subscribe to the channel so you don't miss anything. Thanks!

Polymer Clay TV Tutorial how to make Butterfly Earrings with transfer technique

Use a beautiful digital download available from PolymerClayTV to create these earrings with this free polymer clay tutorial!

Polymer Clay TV Deco Clay Air Dry Clay and Mold

In this episode of Polymer Clay TV Ilysa shares some ideas on how you can use the air dry clay and the fun molds. The clay is made to make flowers but Ilysa has experimented with different mediums and products that work well with the air dry clay to produce some really cool effects.
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