Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Learn to use your polymer clay tools in new ways. Create a flower brooch without a flower cutter!

Sometimes you have an idea but you don't really want to use "standard" tools to create it. In this video, I'll show you how to use a tool that wasn't actually meant to create petals and leaves, but it actually makes really beautiful flower parts! 

So if you have a bunch of cutters and other tools lying around, learn to see them for more than just the shape that they are. There are so many hidden shapes and textures all around you just waiting to be used in your polymer clay creations.

The cutters, ball stylus, and pigments used are from the shop at 

We are excited about Polymer Clay Adventure 2018! Here's why...

We are in our 4th year with PCA, and each year we strive to gather a balanced grouping of classes so that you will have something fun and different to learn from year to year, and get introduced to new teachers around the world while also enjoying techniques from your favorites! We are excited to have Lisa Renner join us once again with a funky art doll she calls "The Wee Kins." In the first year, her Bathing Beauties was such a hit that we had students all over the globe upload photos and we took a group shot! 
We are hoping that we can once again take a group photo of the Wee Kins that PCA students create. 

We have a second art doll option with LaLa Ortiz this year, AND you get to learn how to cover a glass bottle. 
This doll's head also functions as the cap! 

And of course there is Arlo, a figure sculpted onto metal and offered up by SuperSculptor Amy Hucks- to satisfy the need for fantasy and fairyland that so many of us seem to have! 

EvaMarie is known for her horse sculptures, and in this year's event you will have a chance to learn some of her techniques. I know that I am looking forward to making my own Kurbits horse! 

And those are only a few of the 24 classes that are included in one payment of $99. Individually these classes are $40-$75, so the "value" of Polymer Clay Adventure to us is priceless. 

We hope you will join us - the classes begin on January 1, and before that we have community building activities and fun. Then your membership continues throughout the whole year of 2018. What a wonderful way to spend a year learning, creating, and sharing! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bollywood Inspired Polymer Clay Wall Art

Let your imagination soar with this fun polymer clay wall plaque. I used the long silk screens and the heart word bubble silk screen to create this fun and easy Bollywood inspired wall piece. Make sure NOT to bake your piece on the board I made the mistake and it puffed up and stuck only in parts to the clay and I couldn't remove it. So it's best to make a template on a regular piece of paper and lay your pieces out and bake and then glue to the board. I found out the hard way so you don't have to make that mistake!.

This week we announced the classes and teachers at Polymer Clay Adventure 2018. Make sure to join in the first 3 days so you get entered to win a goody bag and a chance to win the golden ticket. Tickets go on sale this Sunday, September 24th.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Announcing... The 2018 Polymer Clay Adventure Projects and Teachers!

  • 24 projects (PLUS! we always have fun extras)
  • TONS of techniques, Tips, and Tricks
  • 23 fantastic instructors plus 2 hosts to make sure everything runs smoothly for you

We always have fabulous promotions right at the beginning- starting on Sunday the 24th!!! YES> sign me up for that announcement!

Please check out the teachers, visit their web sites to learn more about them!

Syndee Holt is going to show you how to take AMAZING photos of your work!

Free Form hand sculpting and attaching your clay to metal objects with Amy

Learn a twist on Mokume Gane with Amy

The Golden Ratio is the topic of this abstract pendant with Ana
Extrude, color, sand and buff!

Create using color and line with Arieta

Striping, Color, Form, and Construction create a visual dance with Barbara

Every new crossroad offers a lesson... Texture, Shape, and Color with Cat

Translucent clay, faux stones, miniature sculpture and more with Cindi

Colorful Southwest influenced caning and surface decoration on a box with Deb

Whimsical Horse Figure sculpture with EvaMarie

Clay Embroidery and Jewelry findings techniques with Galina

Layered Silkscreen Cuffs with Gosia aka "Moiko"

Layered Translucent and Surprising Coloring techniques with Iris

Sculpt a Fantasy Art Doll onto a glass base with LaLa
Mixed Media Faux stone and Copper with Linda

"Wee Kins" multiple mixed-media techniques Art Dolls with Lisa 

Simple Geometric Shapes plus Beautiful Finishing equals stunning work with Noelia

Polymer Clay Drawing yeilds beautiful results with Panarili 
See what YOUR fingers can create in this Stacked Filigree technique with Pritesh

Faux Batik, texturing, bending and shaping a mystical dragon with Sandy

Hollow forms, nesting moving body parts, texturing and more with Suzanne 
Foolproof Layered Transfer, Contrast, Color, Texture, and Design with Tejae
Master contrast and reduction techniques Kaleidoscope caning with Toni
Surprise! Kira Slye will have a fun class for you as well...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

We are safe from Hurricane Irma

We are happy to say that we made it through Hurricane Irma safe and sound. All of our friends and family have checked in and we are hoping all of you are doing as well as you can under the circumstances. We have stayed in touch via Facebook and have seen most of you check in. Kira is still out of power as her town took a bigger hit than mine did. Our shop is also located in the same town Kira lives in but our landlord shuttered the windows and went by to check on it and emailed us that all was well there.

There are power lines down everywhere and lots of folks flooding including Kira's 2 friends who just moved here a couple of weeks ago. Their whole bottom floor flooded with water up to their windows and its like a swamp. The rivers are cresting and they are getting ready to close numerous roads that have bridges and businesses are sending folks home because they may not be able to get home soon once the rivers rise above the road.

All the grocery stores are bare if they are even opened and gas is in big demand. Due to the circumstances we will not have an episode of Polymer Clay TV this week. We will be back and running next week providing nothing else occurs. We still have our digital sale going so take advantage of that while it lasts. We hope to resume shipping orders tomorrow or the next day. Thanks for all of your patience in the matter and for keeping us in your prayers. Hugs to you all.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hurricane Sale! 20% off ALL digital courses, PDFS, and Workshops!

This hurricane is a big one pointed right at us, so we will probably be offline a little this coming week due to power outages. So we decided to put ALL of our digital learning goods on sale because we don't have to ship them!

This includes everything at
Polymer Clay Adventure (2017 version is ending soon!)
Polymer Clay Universe
Creative Business Adventure
and So many MORE online courses from teachers we love!

You can also find PDFS and Ebooks at our CreateAlong Shop for sale at this link.

Coupon Code: GOAWAYIRMA and that works on both websites. 

If we didn't publish another awesome free tutorial on Youtube this week, this is the reason :) We will be back as soon as the power is on!

For all our southern friends, we hope you stay safe. We will be on Facebook as much as our phones are able to let you know everything is ok. See you soon-

Kira & Ilysa

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Halloween & Fall Polymer Clay Pumpkin Ornament

Make the cutest polymer clay pumpkin ornament in just a few easy steps. Fall and Halloween are on their way and these pumpkin ornaments are perfect accents for decorating with. Think about how you can adapt a simple Christmas ornament into other fun projects like this. I like to use things for what they are not intended for. LOL I used the lotus kaleidoscope mandala for this project but you can change it up with different silkscreens, stamps and coloration. As I always say the sky is the limit!

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