Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Little Cookie Cutter Inspiration and Some Help From the Tribe

For those of you who don't know about Polymer Clay Tribe we are a Facebook group with almost currently 2000 members that are all enthusiastic about polymer clay. Everyone who is into polymer clay is welcome to join us at
The reason I mention the Tribe is because this week we gave away a set of Frame shape cookie cutters and asked everyone to let us know what we would make with them. So on today's Polymer Clay Tv I took some of those ideas and ran with them. I hope these ideas inspire you to create your own handmade items.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to create a metallic gold liquid polymer clay and image transfer wood bangle

Watch how easy it is to use pre printed Color Me Magic Transfer Paper. These designs come with black line art. You can use them to make black and white artwork or color them in with alcohol inks or markers to create your own colorful art. This video features how to get polymer clay to stick to wood, and how to cut out your design to fit the bangle.

Color Me Magic Transfer designs can be found in our shop.
Magic Transfer Paper can also be purchased blank to print out with your own designs!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kroma Crackle and Polymer Clay Vintage Key Lock Pendant

I love duplicating the look of crackled aged items in polymer clay. This vintage like keyhole pendant is a fun and easy way to get started with the crackle technique. I show Kroma crackle in this video but there are tons of options on the market so explore and see what you like best.

I used the keyhole mold from our shop and the new mesh punchinella.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Liquid polymer Clay Ripple technique create layered glass like effects

Learn a fun technique for creating and attaching liquid clay veneers that look like glass! Today's project features a layered look with something going on beneath the surface. It's pretty easy to do this using Kato Liquid clay in clear medium, transparent colors, and opaque colors. Watch to learn more. Cutters and supplies available in the shop.

Want the fun stars stencil I talked about?

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fun crafts with the Polymer Clay TV Design Team art jewelry, a Beach Plaque and a mixed media trinket box

McCaw Feather Necklace with Cindi McGee

Use Red, Yellow and Blue polymer clay or Makin’s Clay® to make an assortment of both sizes of feather using the Blowing in the Wind Feather Mold. 

Cut jewelry wire to the desired length. Alternating between a green glass bead and then a feather, begin mounting to jewelry wire by making a small ball of clay in the same color of each feather, place beneath the wire. Then gently press the feather over the ball of clay to adhere the two pieces. Fresh clay will stick to fresh clay without additional adhesive. If your feathers have started to dry just slightly, moisten with a touch of water. If adhesive is needed, use Beacon® 527 to mount feather to ball of fresh clay.  

Napkin rings and decoupaged box with Darlene Madden.

Choose napkins to upcycle and raw wooden box to paint, and decoupage a paper napkin on interior of box.
Condition clay and punch out mandala designs using circle cookie cutters, impress monogram letters with rubber stamps, paint and shape to napkin ring, bake right on wooden or metal (not plastic) napkin ring.
I used the multi leaf mold for top of wooden box, along with a pretty metal flower and metal leaves under the clay ones, I always add found jewelry pieces to my designs. (seems to be my addiction).

Starfish Buttons beach plaque by Pat Krauchune.

Create Buttons using Buttons Galore mold, tint with alcohol inks and form onto a starfish shaped base.
Use a wooden fence, or make your own using On the Fence silicone mold.
Paint paint stirring sticks and glue together to form the base. Add the rest of your mixed media pieces including shells and gravel or sand from your favorite beach!

Birds of a Feather mixed media shrine with Donna Renee Arrington.

I love turning trash to treasure...Found this piece at my local thrift store a while ago.  
Gather supplies including the Feather your Nest Add on kit.
Next a cut out some feathers using my electronic cutting machine. Paint real goose feathers with gold paint and attach various bits and bobs. Using the feather mold and premo clay, created a few green feathers to mix with the real and computer cut feather shapes. Arrange everything and glue.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Combining Polymer Clay Liquid Clay and Punchinella Stencils

I love to experiment and see what different mediums can do with different things. Join me on Polymer Clay Tv when I share a few tips and ideas for using polymer clay, liquid polymer clay and stencils. You can get some truly amazing results with these techniques. Here are some photos of the Gold and silver liquid clay and the one using the flower punchinella.
You can find the punchinella at this link.

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