Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Yes, You CAN Gelliprint on polymer clay

Today's episode of polymerclaytv features surface design techniques you can use with simple acrylic paints. Gelliprinting (or monoprinting, which is really what this is) along with silkscreening can produce sheets of clay that look complex but are incredibly easy to do.

Here's what I used to complete the project:
Peacock Feather silkscreen
Mini Bling mold
Henna Petal cutters
Gelliarts Mini printing plate set

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fun and Easy Polymer Clay Easter Egg Ornaments and Basket Tags

Polymer clay Easter eggs are so fun and easy to make. They can be made into ornaments and are perfect when you personalize them for each child's basket. Ilysa shows you a few different ideas to get your creativity flowing. Happy Easter!

Find the products used in our shop at this link.
Fancy Fleur mold
Round & Sq. Border cutters
Zany Zinnia Silkscreen
Metal tools
Alphabet stamps

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How to make 5 earrings from one mold and condition cold polymer clay

Today watch as Kira effortlessly creates 5 different earring designs using one Henna Paisley mold

It was cold during filming so there is a great tip for how to easily warm up cold clay and get it moving! Plus info about using Gilders Paste on baked clay. Enjoy and Create Along!

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Friday, March 11, 2016

How to do detailed but easy projects with polymer clay- A Feather Bib necklace and a Steampunk Thingy

Today we have two special projects from Chris and Pat.

Chris made this beautiful necklace using just one mold, her fingers, and some paint. But look how pretty it turns out. Antiquing really can make the difference between your piece looking AMAZING instead of just "finished."

This project was created using the MULTI FEATHER MOLD. 

Pat created this Steampunk "Thingy" (isn't that fun?) using a block of wood for the base and including parts and pieces along with polymer clay. You can get a lot of little washers, nuts and bolts, cheap LED lights and other such fun stuff at your local hardware store. If you want to get really technical, you could take this idea and run with it- make something that lights up, or stick a music box inside!

You can create your textures using the METAL STAMP SET.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Magical Fairy House Tutorial to Get You Inspired

As you have probably seen fairy doors and magical enchanted houses are all the rage now and for good reason they are so fun! I just love all the handmade love and attention that goes into these special worlds and I love making and sharing them with you too.

In the past I made a magical fairy lantern but now I am on to the whole house! I found this mushroom shaped glass jar at a yard sale and it has been in my studio holding thread, when it finally dawned on me what a cool and unique fairy house it would make. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to live inside of this place and its not even finished. LOL

Since this was a big project I knew I did not want to sculpt all the individual flowers and pieces. So I turned to my molds and cutters for assistance. It went surprisingly fast once my clay was conditioned and before I knew it I had enough flowers and leaves to get me creating. I made a total of 3 sheets of silkscreens using a silkscreen from our shop. I pieced the 3 sheets together and melded the seams with my fingers and my acrylic rod. I then added more flowers and leaves and of course what fairy house doesn't have a fairy lurking somewhere amongst the flowers.

I love how it is coming out but it is still a work in progress. Here is what I used so far to make it.
Mushroom shaped glass jar
Pan Pastels
molds, silkscreens, and texture sheets from

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hearts and flowers from the PolymerClayTV Design Team

Darleen created this gorgeous mixed media heart using the Eco Friendly Mandala (no longer carried, here are some other ideas: It is antiqued and beautiful.

Suzanne created this polymer clay painting using silkscreens and cut the elements of the design apart after the paint dried, and molded leaves.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to create a pretty trinket cup to catch your little things from polymer clay

Today's tutorial was inspired by all the bobby pins and those tiny hair clip claws that clutter my dressing table. So we're gonna gather them up- I made this little cup to hold the pins and I can clip the tiny claws around the edge! How useful.

All you need is a form to build the sides on- yet another use for our graduated circle cutter set, and some texturing tools. I love the idea of an image peeking up from inside so I used a flower press to create that image, and of course I am always using our metal stamping set and rubber tipped tools. To me, they have become essential.

Enjoy the project, and let us know how you like our new shop!

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