Thursday, February 26, 2015

Covering a glass bottle with polymer clay to create a Bottle of Hope on Polymer Clay TV

Oh boy was yesterday challenging. I had to film Polymer Clay TV 3 times because I lost the first two videos and I only had one bottle and live 40 miles away from the craft store. So I had to improvise and walk you through creating some of the bottle but you will get the gist. You can make beautiful bottles easily when you incorporate your favorite molds and stamps to add texture and dimension. Follow along as I share how I made this beautiful but easy bottle. You can make beautiful Bottles of Hope with a glass bottle as an armature. It is easy and fun to make, we use molds,powdered pigments and our imagination to create these fun bottles that are then given to cancer patients. Enjoy!

You can find the molds here in our shop.:

Want to join Polymer Clay Adventure virtual retreat? Here is a link:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beautiful Bollywood plaque

Using molds to create can be so much fun. Use your imagination to flip things around- for example, when you look at this mold you may see "jewelry" but I saw something else! I saw a crown for an Indian princess, and it felt very zen to me. So I flipped it over and added a face. Then I created my own background using punchinella and ink. Enjoy!

Here is a search for the Face Mold CLICK

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lacey Heart Plaque Polymer Clay and Wood Tutorial on Polymer Clay TV in Time for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is this weekend so of course I had to make something with hearts out of polymer clay for today's Polymer Clay TV. I have been buying these wood pieces from the craft store because I loved them but I haven't done much with them. So I challenged myself to make something that had a soft look to it for Valentines Day rather then the traditional bright red. I wanted to gift it to my sister so that she can keep it hanging all year long so I stayed away from the traditional Valentines Day Colors. The new multi flower mold and the new flourish mold were a perfect combo. Hope you enjoy the tutorial. I had fun making this one!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to create angel tassel doll with polymer clay

So I pulled a bunch of supplies out and laid them on the desk. They were mainly from Combo Deal # 2,  and I was trying to inspire myself to use a limited number of supplies. I love the Sari Ribbon I purchased on Etsy a while back and wanted to incorporate it somehow and use it to give me a color palette. And my Face mold from Sculpey is always on my table, I love faces and they find their way into my artwork a lot.

The Frilled Carnation cutters looked like a halo or flower to me and a face in a flower sent me on my way... And then of course I usually make a pair of earrings no matter what I'm doing, it's a fun habit- to push the edges of what I'm doing and make something simple and symmetrical at the same time. Plus it gives me LOADS of earrings to wear, I love earrings! Watch the tutorial below-

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