Monday, August 24, 2015

Gorgeous Polymer Clay Heart with embedded chain and lock

Check out this beautiful artwork made by Darlene Madden!

Darlene makes intricate mosaics featuring polymer clay tiles and sculpted pieces combined with ephemera and tidbits. So pretty!

Hearts and Flowers Punchinella and Scallop Border Cutters were used in this project.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to create easy double-sided polymer clay pieces with texture on both sides

Learn a simple trick to avoid flat spots on the back of your designs! The possibilities are endless! Have fun creating! All the tools are available in our shop.

polymer clay in your choice of colors (we use Premo's newest glitter colors- White gold, Yellow gold, and Rose gold)
Floral Fantasy Rubber Stamp
Bohemian Rhapsody texture discs
Plum Blossom set of graduated plunger cutters
Gypsy Scroll mold with 13 designs
Pearlex or powdered pigments & Dew Drop Ink

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Easy and Gorgeous Metal Stamp and Polymer Clay Designs

Learn how to use metal stamps to create unique designs on Polymer Clay TV. The possibilities are endless! Add broken pieces, glass cabochons, polymer clay pieces and more. Have fun creating! All the tools are available in our shop.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How to use your polymer clay molds in new ways- create a butterfly and a pendant

In today's video, Kira uses 3 molds from the shop at PolymerClayTV to create 2 completely different projects. The trick is to see your molds in new ways. Sometimes when you lay them out on the table, and really look at them, you can see connections. The connection here is that all of these molds feature symmetry- they are the same on both sides. So they can be used together to make things that are the same on both sides such as earrings, butterflies, angels and fairies, and things that are round like today's amulet pendant. Think outside the box and get inspired by your tools and you never know what you might come up with!

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