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Friday, February 9, 2018

"Shades of Grey" Pendant & More

Shades of Grey Pendant by Cindi McGee
Love & Lace... Hearts..... Valentine's..... Love......."50 Shades of Grey"..... ???

I created this pendant with some of the fabulous goodies in the January "Love & Lace" Create Along Box! I used the lace Color Me Magic Transfer Paper, and the lace stencil. premo! Sculpey® clay was used to create the Skinner Blend, premo! Accents for the silver, and Sculpey® Clear Liquid Clay to add shine. The box also included shimmering pink mica powder, a heart cutter, a silkscreen, more great Transfer Paper options, a piece of vintage lace and a brand new item offered by Create Along - a Deco Disc! I've been having fun creating with many of the items in the box, including these two pieces. The heart cutter (along with more fabulous silkscreens and Magic Transfer Paper designs from Create Along) was used for the bohemian heart pendant below, and the Deco Disc was used for a mandala pendant she will be sharing soon! Learn more about the monthly Create Along box here!   AND - there are a limited number of the amazing Love & Lace January Create Along Boxes still available!  Order yours here.

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