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We offer craft classes, online video classes, live craft demos and exclusive craft products. We love to create and are always creating something new. Please take some time to look around, we will be adding new things often.

Polymer Clay TV came out of a partnership of two crafty women, Ilysa Ginsburg & Kira Mccoy. Ilysa & Kira have worked together since 2006 when they met online when they formed the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy (PCAGOE), http://www.pcagoe.com, which is a guild that formed out of an etsy street team. They discovered they only lived 6 hours away from each other in Florida at the time while working on the guilds website. So when Ilysa had this idea to do a videocast & podcast she thought Kira would be the perfect person to help bring it to fruition. Polymer Clay TV was born from this and is still going strong after 7 + years.

Although polymer clay is a passion of Ilysa & Kira’s they both love to create with all kinds of mediums and explore new materials and crafts. We hope you will join us in our community at https://polymerclaycommunity.com 

Our weekly show Polymer Clay TV can be watched on YouTube, Itunes and on over 300+ video aggregators across the web.

Ilysa is an award winning artist whose work can be seen in several books and magazines. Ilysa has been creating her entire life and loves to challenge herself to try new things. Kira has also been creating her entire life, she is a high school art history and Photoshop teacher,whose work can also be seen in books and magazines. Ilysa & Kira’s work is very different, just like their personalities, but they embrace this as you will see on the show. While Ilysa works more with bold and bright colors and in a large scale, Kira works in muted tones and in a smaller scale. This makes Ilysa & Kira the perfect team as they can each bring a different perspective.

We have written a book on polymer clay art jewelry called "Polymer Clay Art Jewelry, How to Make Polymer Clay Jewelry Projects Using New Techniques. In it, we have shared our favorite techniques for adding bling and mixed-media supplies to your polymer clay to make original statement jewelry featuring your own handmade beads, links, and focal pieces.

Contact us at:
hello @ ilovecreatealong.com
9-5 eastern time @ (386) 935-2058


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I am so excited to stumble onto your site! I have looked at many you tubes and am excited to have more info fresh each week in one designated space!!! TY Krebby'z Kyd'z

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