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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

We are excited about Polymer Clay Adventure 2018! Here's why...

We are in our 4th year with PCA, and each year we strive to gather a balanced grouping of classes so that you will have something fun and different to learn from year to year, and get introduced to new teachers around the world while also enjoying techniques from your favorites! We are excited to have Lisa Renner join us once again with a funky art doll she calls "The Wee Kins." In the first year, her Bathing Beauties was such a hit that we had students all over the globe upload photos and we took a group shot! 
We are hoping that we can once again take a group photo of the Wee Kins that PCA students create. 

We have a second art doll option with LaLa Ortiz this year, AND you get to learn how to cover a glass bottle. 
This doll's head also functions as the cap! 

And of course there is Arlo, a figure sculpted onto metal and offered up by SuperSculptor Amy Hucks- to satisfy the need for fantasy and fairyland that so many of us seem to have! 

EvaMarie is known for her horse sculptures, and in this year's event you will have a chance to learn some of her techniques. I know that I am looking forward to making my own Kurbits horse! 

And those are only a few of the 24 classes that are included in one payment of $99. Individually these classes are $40-$75, so the "value" of Polymer Clay Adventure to us is priceless. 

We hope you will join us - the classes begin on January 1, and before that we have community building activities and fun. Then your membership continues throughout the whole year of 2018. What a wonderful way to spend a year learning, creating, and sharing! 

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