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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Announcing... The 2018 Polymer Clay Adventure Projects and Teachers!

  • 24 projects (PLUS! we always have fun extras)
  • TONS of techniques, Tips, and Tricks
  • 23 fantastic instructors plus 2 hosts to make sure everything runs smoothly for you

We always have fabulous promotions right at the beginning- starting on Sunday the 24th!!! YES> sign me up for that announcement!

Please check out the teachers, visit their web sites to learn more about them!

Syndee Holt is going to show you how to take AMAZING photos of your work!

Free Form hand sculpting and attaching your clay to metal objects with Amy

Learn a twist on Mokume Gane with Amy

The Golden Ratio is the topic of this abstract pendant with Ana
Extrude, color, sand and buff!

Create using color and line with Arieta

Striping, Color, Form, and Construction create a visual dance with Barbara

Every new crossroad offers a lesson... Texture, Shape, and Color with Cat

Translucent clay, faux stones, miniature sculpture and more with Cindi

Colorful Southwest influenced caning and surface decoration on a box with Deb

Whimsical Horse Figure sculpture with EvaMarie

Clay Embroidery and Jewelry findings techniques with Galina

Layered Silkscreen Cuffs with Gosia aka "Moiko"

Layered Translucent and Surprising Coloring techniques with Iris

Sculpt a Fantasy Art Doll onto a glass base with LaLa
Mixed Media Faux stone and Copper with Linda

"Wee Kins" multiple mixed-media techniques Art Dolls with Lisa 

Simple Geometric Shapes plus Beautiful Finishing equals stunning work with Noelia

Polymer Clay Drawing yeilds beautiful results with Panarili 
See what YOUR fingers can create in this Stacked Filigree technique with Pritesh

Faux Batik, texturing, bending and shaping a mystical dragon with Sandy

Hollow forms, nesting moving body parts, texturing and more with Suzanne 
Foolproof Layered Transfer, Contrast, Color, Texture, and Design with Tejae
Master contrast and reduction techniques Kaleidoscope caning with Toni
Surprise! Kira Slye will have a fun class for you as well...


Beetique said...

They all look like fun!

f33tie00 said...

I am IN AWE.
Looks like you have found women with immense talents from everywhere in the world. I can't imagine
missing out on any of these classes.
Thank you for always reaching toward the next level in skills. I am thrilled by the range of
projects for next year.

Pica Zorra said...

Wow! What a lineup of super teachers! There are a couple of classes that I'd like to do now but I guess I can wait :-)

Mary Laura Fitzgerald said...

Wish there was an option to pick and choose individual classes. Every year there are only 4 or 5 that I am interested in, so I don't purchase. It would be great to have a plan where you only pay for the classes you want.

Diana Reid said...

Yes, me too. But they do sell some of the classes individually at the end of the year. But as (if I remember rightly) they go for $50 each, you might as well just buy the whole bunch of them and just use the ones you like! That's what I'm going to do, anyway!!!

Marlene Gremillion said...

Looking good

Poonam Mishra said...

Looking awesome

Silvia Elorza said...

Hermosos proyectos. Muy interesantes. Sería bueno comprar individuales.

Diana Reid said...

A mi tambien me gustaría, pero no podés. Cuando termina el año, de vez en cuando podés comprar algunos individualmente pero solo algunos....

Peta Fowler nee Lavery said...

There are some lovely looking projects, and some very odd ones. There seems to be more focus on facial elements this time arounds. Have fun if you do the workshops.

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