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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fun with spoons and polymer clay! How to use a spoon as an armature

We had a spoon owl swap at Polymer Clay Adventure last month. What's a Spoon Owl? Glad you asked! Spoons make a great base for sculpting things like critters and faces, even beads. They are smooth and have a slight curve, and they can go right into the oven. Then whatever you made pops right off after baking!

These owls were created on large tablespoons but you can use any spoon. Give it a try.
Here are some of the tools we used- our brand new Feather Your Nest rubber stamp makes a fabulous Sutton Slice! Be sure to check out our free Video Tutorial below and you can make your own.


Beetique said...

I love this owl!

Wilma Hughes said...

So cute. Great techniques. How would you finish the back if making a pendant. I was thinking making it hollow owl.

Unknown said...

I love owls and these little guys are adorable. Can hardly wait to try making them. Thanks so much for sharing, Kyra! :)

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