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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hair Twist Tutorial is Fun and Easy the Kids will Love this one

I have been making these hair twists for years. They are fun and easy to make and look so cute in your hair. This is a great projects to involve the kids in and even makes a fun activity for parties and get togethers. You don't need many tools just add some texture and a little color to jazz it up and they are ready to go. We added texture with the metal tools and the graduated aluminum rods. You can find them both in our shop

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Jennie Wallick said...

Ok, that's adorable! I live in the desert and don't have much occasion for clay getting too cold, but I did demos for ARTzona for a couple of years, and it was January and cold one year. I wandered around all morning with my clay in my pockets to try to get it workable. I also borrowed one girls hair drier. I warmed up my plastic board that I work on, I warmed the pasta roller before I used it, I warmed up the pan I cook them on so the cooking time would be right. The first year I did armatures and faces, the second year I did layering and baking in between. The third year I was supposed to do mold making but there was an illness in my family. So I wasn't there. This year they stopped having it. But that's how I saved a demo.

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