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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fimo Professional True Colors kit review at Polymer Clay TV

Today Kira talks about the kit and mixes up a color recipe from the color card included.

First thoughts:

  • There should be black in the kit! The color chart needs black to create half of the colors, so if you want to mix any of the shades, you have to buy black separately.
  • The clay has a nice consistency- softer and easier to mix than classic Fimo, so that was great.
  • The color chips on the chart are not really exactly what you are going to get. Unfortunately, ink and clay are not a direct match. But you still can mix loads of colors precisely by following the directions, you may just want to make up your own clay color chips just to see what you are actually going to get.



Jodie L. said...

It may be that the color bakes darker than the blended, unbaked piece appears. It would be interesting to have a follow up video with some of the different baked and unbaked colors. I recommend you inscribe their color code on the baked and unbaked piece. :)

BTW, did you say what temperature they recommend for baking?


Pamela Takeshige said...

This is a wonderful product idea! As a beginner, I know color mixing is a big issue. It seems to me that having these kinds of true colors, it makes polymer clay much more attractive to an artist.

I would also want to see what the baked color combination looked like. It would be great to have a follow up video showing the unbaked and baked clay and compare that to the FIMO color chart. I think FIMO needs to make it clear that the color chart is showing a baked version if that is what it is showing. I think it would make much more sense for all of us as users of this kind of product that the printed color chart should be trying to show us the baked version. Not the unbaked version. Also, we are going to have to sort make our own "color charts" or color samples of this clay in its baked state. It is not really possible to rely on printed color charts as ink and paper are different from the baked clay. None-the-less, this is a great product.

I would much prefer having these few sets of colors in large amounts and to make my own colors. It seems more attractive somehow.
Good job FIMO!

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