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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to create angel tassel doll with polymer clay

So I pulled a bunch of supplies out and laid them on the desk. They were mainly from Combo Deal # 2,  and I was trying to inspire myself to use a limited number of supplies. I love the Sari Ribbon I purchased on Etsy a while back and wanted to incorporate it somehow and use it to give me a color palette. And my Face mold from Sculpey is always on my table, I love faces and they find their way into my artwork a lot.

The Frilled Carnation cutters looked like a halo or flower to me and a face in a flower sent me on my way... And then of course I usually make a pair of earrings no matter what I'm doing, it's a fun habit- to push the edges of what I'm doing and make something simple and symmetrical at the same time. Plus it gives me LOADS of earrings to wear, I love earrings! Watch the tutorial below-

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