Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to create using polymer clay and markers to make pretty colorful art jewelry Join us today as Kira shows you how to create the perfect clay blend, what kind of markers work fabulous on polymer clay, how to blend your own colors, and more! Learn to make this complete focal pendant. Tools are available at Products used are below, you can buy them straight from here if you like without leaving this website.

There are so many fun brands of markers available. These are alcohol ink markers called Chromatix, they are juicy and have a brush tip which makes it easy to paint your clay. Using a mix of Premo Accents White Granite and Souffle by Sculpey white clay creates the perfect surface- bright white with a little sparkle and some toothy grain from the Souffle to hold onto the marker ink.

Watch for more tips!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Adult Coloring on Polymer Clay Coloring Techniques

Adult coloring is now available for polymer clay! Have fun creating with our NEW Color Me Magic Transfer Papers, there are so many images to choose from and a variety of ways to color the clay. It is so easy to transfer and get started coloring on polymer clay.

Just remember: do not use a water based pigment marker on the paper, as it will dissolve it. Everything used in this video is alcohol based ink. Did you know that your Sharpies and other permanent markers are basically alcohol inks?

I have also added the video I did last week which shows how to transfer onto polymer clay. Enjoy! You can find all of these papers at  supplies in our shop at this link. 

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Friday, May 13, 2016

More fun with polymer clay silkscreens - create a canvas and a cigar box purse!

Today we have 2 projects from the Design Team at Polymer Clay TV, Pat created a fun piece of canvas wall art and Suzanne made a cigar box purse with decopage and silkscreening.

These projects show you how you can expand polymer clay beyond making small items like jewelry and into using it as a tool to create whatever is in your head. Want to make a painting that has dimension? Use your clay to create parts that you can glue onto a canvas like Pat did here, or paint your whole picture with polymer clay like Suzanne did in this class- link here.

Have an idea for a fun accessory? Why not completely personalize it with clay parts and pieces like Suzanne did with the cigar box?

Meet Suzanne, the Polymer Chef

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to use Iced Enamels with polymer clay... a quick tutorial

I picked up three colors of Iced Enamels out of curiosity and because I liked them... a hot pink, bright green, and German silver. As I looked at them I thought to myself, I wonder if they act like embossing powder, because that is kinda what they look like. So in this project, I use both the Iced Enamels and some other Ranger brand powders I had in my stash.

Just remember- as told to me by Wendy Orlowski (take her full class on iced enamels at Polymer Clay Adventure) you definitely need the Iced Enamels medium to get it to stick to the clay properly.

As you will notice, I used a dark red color and with the brown base clay it did not show up very well, so in the future I would use colors that contrast more. I had no issues with any of the other colors I used.

The tools come from the shop at

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