Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Learn how to make polymer clay jewelry links and decorate with Pebeo Prisme Fantasy paint

Hello and welcome to this week's free tutorial! Watch as Kira makes pretty floral jewelry links you can add to a necklace or earring set. Using just a few simple tools and Pebeo Prisme paint for special effects, these links can be made in just a short time!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Henna Stacked Medallion, Tutorial... Comment And Win!

This video tutorial is for the Henna Plunger Cutters sold at Polymer Clay TV.
The medallions themselves look really labor intensive, but are not. I am using scrap clay but you can use any color or colors you choose, it might be really fun to make each layer a different color, or to use all metallic clays... ? In any case they are very easy and can be created quickly!

I hope you enjoy viewing and learning this unique and simple technique. If you have any questions please leave a comment here, and it will be answered promptly!

Also for everyone who comments they will be automatically entered to win these medallions shown in the tutorial, there are two of them and they are beautiful.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Covering a glass bottle with polymer clay to create a Bottle of Hope on Polymer Clay TV

Oh boy was yesterday challenging. I had to film Polymer Clay TV 3 times because I lost the first two videos and I only had one bottle and live 40 miles away from the craft store. So I had to improvise and walk you through creating some of the bottle but you will get the gist. You can make beautiful bottles easily when you incorporate your favorite molds and stamps to add texture and dimension. Follow along as I share how I made this beautiful but easy bottle. You can make beautiful Bottles of Hope with a glass bottle as an armature. It is easy and fun to make, we use molds,powdered pigments and our imagination to create these fun bottles that are then given to cancer patients. Enjoy!

You can find the molds here in our shop.:

Want to join Polymer Clay Adventure virtual retreat? Here is a link:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Out Of The Box....Embellishing!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Victor Morales and Out Of The Box will be a platform for discussing out of the norm techniques and unique ways of embellishing with polymer clay. There are many excellent artists and teachers who are furthering not only polymer clay but their very own style of working with this wonderful medium.

Polymer clay is an incredible medium that can be used in many ways, and truly as Ilysa says "the sky's the limit" I am sure that people will be discovering new ways of applying polymer clay and coming up with new techniques for a long time to come. I myself have discovered a few techniques which I utilize in most of my creations, and am making tutorials to share them with you all.

Out Of The Box will focus on the unique embellishing, detailing, and reworking of the medium. I believe that a lot of people get lost in the discovering process of creating with polymer clay that they forget all about the detailing and refining processes.

Don't limit yourself to what you are used to doing, or what you see others doing. But instead test yourself and see how many new applications you can come up with for each product or finding you purchase. Then attempt to incorporate each one of these applications into your designs.

Thinking "outside the box" is daring to do that which goes against the grain, or not doing what every other polymer clay artist is doing. The result will be that your designs will be original and won't look like everyone else's. But instead will be completely and uniquely your own.

Remove the boundaries from your mind, and start thinking about using your product in different ways, think Outside The Box! here are a few examples of reworking the same product or pieces, to get different looks.

Make sure your inspiration comes from love, if it is otherwise it will be seen in the finished piece.

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