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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to cover a glass beer bottle with polymer clay to decorate and recycle

I finished off a bottle of my favorite Ginger Beer, Crabby's.... and I noticed that this bottle has a cool flare at the bottom and and interesting overall shape. Why would I toss this bottle into the recycling bin, when I could cover it with clay and make a beautiful vase?

With a couple of design decisions- such as using a silkscreen and mold that complement each other, picking a triadic color scheme featuring split complementary colors, and making my own "bling," this bottle was completely transformed into something fun and funky :)

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Chris Owens said...

I love this!! To remove bubbles when I cover stainless steel water bottles, I use the skinniest metal bead skewers or a sewing needle. Covering larger areas at a time on the lovely curvier sides are more likely to trap bubbles than straight sides. But they sure are cute.

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