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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Going Mod on Polymer Clay TV with Easy and Fun Pendants

I love to mix up different textures and patterns to create unusual jewelry. These fun Mod Lantern cutters were a great shape to do this with. You can turn it upside or downside and get 2 different looks with one cutter. I love the look of using the graduated size designs and stacking them on top of each other using different silkscreen patterns. These have a kind of Tribal vibe to me and I was happy with the fun results not to mention how easy they are to make. 

I used several different silkscreens to achieve these pendants. You can find our silkscreens at this link.
You can find the Mod Lantern Cutters at this link. 

Try stringing these a variety of ways to get even more different looks. Add a leather cord, string with beads or even for a simple look add to a wire necklace. Have fun creating!


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