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Friday, May 13, 2016

More fun with polymer clay silkscreens - create a canvas and a cigar box purse!

Today we have 2 projects from the Design Team at Polymer Clay TV, Pat created a fun piece of canvas wall art and Suzanne made a cigar box purse with decopage and silkscreening.

These projects show you how you can expand polymer clay beyond making small items like jewelry and into using it as a tool to create whatever is in your head. Want to make a painting that has dimension? Use your clay to create parts that you can glue onto a canvas like Pat did here, or paint your whole picture with polymer clay like Suzanne did in this class- link here.

Have an idea for a fun accessory? Why not completely personalize it with clay parts and pieces like Suzanne did with the cigar box?

Meet Suzanne, the Polymer Chef

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