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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to use Iced Enamels with polymer clay... a quick tutorial

I picked up three colors of Iced Enamels out of curiosity and because I liked them... a hot pink, bright green, and German silver. As I looked at them I thought to myself, I wonder if they act like embossing powder, because that is kinda what they look like. So in this project, I use both the Iced Enamels and some other Ranger brand powders I had in my stash.

Just remember- as told to me by Wendy Orlowski (take her full class on iced enamels at Polymer Clay Adventure) you definitely need the Iced Enamels medium to get it to stick to the clay properly.

As you will notice, I used a dark red color and with the brown base clay it did not show up very well, so in the future I would use colors that contrast more. I had no issues with any of the other colors I used.

The tools come from the shop at

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