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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Enchanted Fairy Lantern Door Tutorial on Polymer Clay TV

Boy did I have fun making this polymer clay fairy lantern! It is not my usual style which was nice because I had no idea what the finished piece would look like I just let it flow on camera. About a month ago I went to Family Dollar and bought a glass lantern for $1.00, It was so cheap and cute I couldn't resist. I had no idea it would turn into a magical fairy lantern but that is exactly what happened. I can't wait to hang it and use it!

So we had the fairy door mold in the shop, the brick texture plate, the forest leaves mold, the mini flower cutters and of course our new Paisley Garden silkscreen so I knew I could combine those to make exactly what I wanted. I also used some pigment ink to highlight areas.

You can follow along on the video tutorial on Polymer Clay TV to see exactly how I made it. I also added some extra embellishments by molding some leaves and mushrooms that came from the above mentioned molds. It was so easy to make but yet so cute! The hardest part - pun intended- was the hard and crumbly translucent I had. I conditioned and conditioned and could not get it to stick back to itself for the life of me. I didn't want to drive 80 miles round trip to get some fresh clay so I went with it. Of course it wanted to tear on me but as you will see on the video there is always a remedy for anything. Polymer clay is so forgiving and since I am a so called bull in a China shop (thanks sis!) LOL polymer clay is a perfect medium for me.

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