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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Extruder for Polymer Clay and tips for using it and storing your discs

Today Ilysa did a great video on how to use our new polymer clay extruder. If you are curious about extruding clay, it's so much fun and you can make uniform shapes to build canes, twist around objects, and use for sculpting. It makes everything from snakes to triangles to clay "spaghetti!" We've bundled it up with our new set of wood-handle ball stylus tools- which are pretty cool because you can design the handles yourself. You can add alcohol inks or paints to color them, cover them with cane slices, or as Ilysa shows you- extrude some colorful clay to build a handle!

This is a great way to distinguish your own tools if you travel with them to guild meetings or classes, too. Or- why not make a set to gift to someone?

Here are some photos that Ilysa did playing around with the extruder pieces. You can keep adding and building onto a piece. Also cut the end of the extruded piece off like a cane and you will be surprised by how beautiful it is too!

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