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Monday, September 1, 2014

22 Days of Teachers at the PCA Retreat- Meet KLEW, aka Karen Lewis

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I found this medium in the 80's. I knew of a similar product that only came in white when my sister worked with Disney creating prototypes with it, and after having an idea to make a sculptural brooch series; off I went to the local craft store in search of this medium …my self-discovery eventually revealed the true nature of this medium - reduction… After that "light bulb" went on, the rest they say, is history.
Artist Statement
My work is a never-ending journey beginning with an experience passing from my environment through my senses and into my Spirit. As form and design begin to take shape in my hands the expression of my Spirit reveals to me interpretations, connections and understanding of my environs.  Sharing my work with others allows the experience to journey on, often returning to me in unexpected ways.
The reward of sharing my work with others comes in seeing them embrace the tangible form of my spirit as their own. This is such a powerful connection that I incorporate my Art in functional or utilitarian pieces.  With the sale of my work comes the freedom to continue doing what I love and to grow.  I never cease to amaze at this ~ my  Spirits work.
Be Well, Klew

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